Breamish Valley Walks

We are now pleased to offer a selection of walks on our website.

Breamish Valley Walks

These are divided between the various Cheviot valleys and vary in length and amount of ascent. The ‘Mountain Goat’ has chosen some of his favourite walks from a selection of the valleys.

The Cheviot Hills straddle the Anglo-Scottish border between Northumberland and the Scottish borders. The English section is all located within the Northumberland National Park which itself provides lots of useful information which can be found here:

The ‘Walk 11’ called Langleeford was thought up by a fell running friend looking to fit in a lot of ascent in a reasonable distance. All of the other walks have been done by ‘Pete’s Petals’ who are mature ladies in their 50’s & 60’s… so no excuses!

Obviously, you may well have your own ideas and plans, please feel free to ask about other routes. ‘Walks in Northumberland’ books are also available in your cottage.

 Walk 1 – East Hill

Valley: Breamish | Distance: 7.02km

Ascent: 161m | Time: 1h 40mins

Parking: Start from your Cottage

Tip: There is a café at Ingram to recharge in case you would like to stop for a Coffee

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 Walk 2 – Cochrane Pike

Valley – Breamish

Distance: 7.72km

Ascent: 290m

Time: 2h 1mins

Parking: Ingram Valley Café

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Walk 3 – Carey Burn

Valley: Harthope

Distance: 9.64km

Ascent: 338m

Time: 2h 29mins

Parking: Park below Carey Burn bridge

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Walk 4 – Alwinton

Valley: Coquet

Distance: 13.11km

Ascent: 507m

Time: 3h 27mins

Parking: Park on the Green at Alwinton

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Walk 5 – Brough Law

Valley: Breamish

Distance: 14.03km

Ascent: 465m

Time: 3h 34mins

Parking: Start from your Cottage

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Walk 6 – Windy Gyle

Valley: Coquet

Distance: 13.82km

Ascent: 525m

Time: 3h 38mins

Parking: Park at sheep pens beyond Barrowburn

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Walk 7 – Hartside

Valley: Breamish

Distance: 13.28km

Ascent: 637m

Time: 3h 48mins

Parking: Park at Hartside on the road side.

Tip: Visit Linhope Spout on your way round.

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Walk 8 – Yeavering Bell

Valley: St Cuthberts Way/College Valley

Distance: 14.62km

Ascent: 530m

Time: 3h 48mins

Parking: Park at Picnic site above Wooler.

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Walk 9 – Shillmoor

Valley: Coquet

Distance: 15.22km

Ascent: 734m

Time: 4h 16mins

Parking: Park at Shillmoor

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Walk 10 – Mounthooly

Valley: College

Distance: 17.93km

Ascent: 846m

Time: 4h 59mins

Parking: Park at Mounthooly

Tip: Please note that you require a Permit to travel up the College Valley, these can be obtained here.

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Walk 11 – Langleeford

Valley: Harthope

Distance: 19.50km

Ascent: 1406m

Time: 6h 14mins

Parking: Park just below Langleeford

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